I’m Jeromey Sims and I’m glad you’re here.

Texas House District 91 deserves to have representation that represents the constituents – not just big donors.

It’s time to restore some sanity and “Texas Sense” to politics. Real Texans know how to listen, think, and work together – so why don’t our Representatives in Austin do this? They’re pandering to political radicals and big donors.

I’m asking you to help me fight for these ideals by Volunteering, Donating, and Voting.

Help protect our Texas Democracy from radicals in Austin.

Vote Sims.

New Year’s Resolutions

Up and at ’em, troops! It’s time to make some real New Year’s Resolutions.

Allow me to suggest two:

1. Sign up to be a recurring donor to our campaign. Some people think that $20.18 / month is an appropriate amount for a New Year’s Resolution. If you would rather choose $218 or the $2018 option, I’m not going to argue. Goal Thermometer
2. Sign up to be a volunteer. Things are about to get REALLY busy – and this is a great way to help. Also, if you still want to stick with the “exercise and lose weight” resolutions, block-walking can be a great way to kick start this effort. We need all kinds of help, so just let us know how you want to help!

Thank you!


I have lived in what is now Texas House District 91 for over a decade and in North Texas for more than 20 years.

I grew up as a preacher’s kid, participated in Boy Scouts, sports, and community access TV programs.

I’ve worked in many environments from Farming to Fast Food to Information Technology – and have tried to learn lessons from each one.

Along the way, I discovered that too often, people get stuck on labels and fail to seek to know a person for who they are. It’s time for us to ask “What do you think?”

Then listen.

Then ask “why”?

Until your representative takes the time and makes the effort to listen to you and ask “why,” you won’t have a truly functional democracy.

That’s why this campaign is not about me.

It’s about you.


It’s funny. I’ve always enjoyed talking about religion and politics with almost anyone. That’s usually not encouraged in “polite conversation” and it makes some people so uncomfortable that they are visibly disturbed when they think they might be ensnared in such a discussion.

Conversely, when you run for elected office, everyone wants to know what you think about everything. I would never claim to have considered all sides of any argument, but I do have plenty of stances to share with you. Maybe you agree – and maybe you don’t. Either way, I’d love to hear what you think and why.

Because of the recent actions of our legislators in Austin, these are the issues I believe are the most important:

Safeguarding our School District Funding

Protecting Local Control

Fighting for Rights of ALL Texans

Many, many things fall under these topics – and I will be posting more as I get the chance to meet with the hard-working Texans that live in District 91.


Your thoughts are the most important part of this campaign.

Reach us via email, phone, or social media.

Email: info@votesims.com

Phone: 682-334-4847

Social media links are at the bottom of the page.