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So, who the heck is Jeromey Sims?

Jeromey would say he’s nothing special (Well, he is a native Texan and that’s special). He’s just like your neighbor or a friend or even you. He’s hardworking and dedicated to his family and his community.

Jeromey came into this world as part of a working-class family in the piney woods of Longview, Texas. David his father was an auto-body mechanic. His mother Kathie worked as hard as any housewife to care for the family, but she always found time to stress reading and learning as essential life skills.

“Family values, hard work, kindness, public service, and servant leadership were always stressed in the Sims household,” Jeromey says. “I still hold to them today.”

The Sims family began a nomadic life when Jeromey’s father was called to the Church of Christ ministry. Jeromey attended schools in Euless, Bedford and Aubrey, Texas, before the family moved to Holyoke, Colorado. There he managed to graduate Valedictorian of his senior class.

“I was proud to be Valedictorian,” Jeromey says. “I also really value the common-sense wisdom I picked up from all that moving and from working on farms during the summers in Holyoke.”

After High School Jeromey moved back to DFW, where he’s been for more than 20 years, 10 of them in District 91. He worked from the bottom up, using his problem-solving skills along with the gently used computers he inherited from his grandfather. He went to a private trade school to study electrical engineering but excelled in general IT work.

“Solving problems using logic and big-picture common sense is what I'm best at,” Jeromey says.

Of course, this problem-solving skillset is perfect for elected representatives who need to troubleshoot and solve problems in Austin.

He quickly worked his way up to network and systems administrator of a startup.

“I had a good crew and we were close,” Jeromey said. “When we had a chance to start our own IT service company, we each invested our hard-saved dollars and took the risk.”

Now that company Texedo Technologies, Inc. thrives and is part of the fabric of the Texas business market, and Jeromy serves as vice president of technology.

Jeromey met his future wife Melissa on a blind date, when he gave her father his number and told him to have her call if she wasn't busy and wanted to go out some night. They went out that weekend and have been together ever since. Married in 1996, Jeromey and Melissa have raised two boys, Jaden and Jaron. Jaden attended Birdville High School and Jaron is currently enrolled at Haltom High School.

So, who the heck is Jeromey Sims?

“Like so many District 91 voters, at one point I had school loans. I know first-hand how and why the cost of a good education needs to come down,” said Jeromey.

“I’ve had experience with company-provided health insurance, no health insurance, through the ACA marketplace and provided by TRS: all with too costly premiums and copays.” Like so many other Texans, Jeromey has struggled with health insurance debt challenges. “I had a second job solely to pay medical bills incurred while having the best insurance I could purchase,” he says.

Like many Texas small business owners, he has been assisted by and repaid small business loans. He wants to make sure adequate funding is always available to Texas small business owners.

Vetted by the real world of hard work and honor, Jeromy has stood true to his principles. Something we need more of in Austin.

Jeromy Sims is a common-sense, hard-working Texas small business owner who wants to use his problem-solving skills in Austin to reboot the broken Texas Legislature. He believes the current policies benefit the wealthiest at the expense of the neediest. He wants to put the Texas value of "looking out for your neighbor" and "treating others the way you would want to be treated" back into our policymaking.

“That’s why this campaign is not about me,” Jeromey says. “It’s about you.”

People - not PACs

My grassroots campaign does not accept money from corporate PACs. I believe I will best represent the citizens of HD 91 by directly listening to them and asking for their votes and financial support.

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