Beto-Signed Print Thank You Gift #2
This is an opportunity for me to be able to give a treasured thank-you gift to ONE individual who agrees to make the largest donation to my campaign for Texas House District 91 during the time this offer is active.

These prints are 18" wide and 24" tall and printed on what feels like thick posterboard with a matte (non-glossy) appearance.

You MUST be a US Citizen to participate. This is a campaign donation and your Name, Address, Employer Name, and Donation amount will be reported to the Texas Ethics Commission to comply with Texas campaign finance laws.

I currently only have 4 of these prints that are signed by Beto. I may not offer all 4 here. If you want one, don't wait!

By completing this form, you affirm that if your donation amount is the greatest dollar amount at the end of the offer, you will promptly donate the promised amount to the JSims Campaign.

This print offer will end on Sunday, September 23, 2018 at 10:00:00pm Central US time. Timestamps are automatically added to each submission and the offer that will be accepted will be based ONLY on timestamp - not the number shown on the web site. I am not responsible for any malfunction of your system, any internet connectivity, any web server malfunctions, or other gremlins that may interfere with your ability to submit your information. Don't wait until 9:59pm and then complain that your donation was not accepted. This is supposed to be for fun and fundraising. Please remember that.

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